A Park Requires Boom Barrier Gates To Control Visitors Movement

Boom Barriers, most of you who would be reading this might be aware of this word and would have seen it around you in places like parking areas, level crossings, entrance area of commercial and residential space and many other places where there is huge inflow of traffic.

Boom Barriers are horizontal metal bar pivoted at a point. These barriers can be automated and manual, unlike the earlier times, we now have barriers which automated or remote controlled making its use easy and time-saving.

Why are boom barriers important at public places?

Public places like park or parking areas where the flow of vehicle is easy it’s important to have a tool or device which can manage the traffic and at the same time restrict the entry of unauthorized vehicles. Boom Barriers are a perfect way to manage traffic in the parking areas where there is a huge rush.  They also help in ensuring thorough security check.

Today the most popularly used variety of boom barrier is the automatic boom barrier which is electromechanical in operation. These boom barriers have 24VDCmotor ,it ensures continuous running of the boom barrier without emitting heat which makes sure that it runs for a longer time and can easily survive an heavy duty cycle. There are other technologies on which boom barriers work, the likes include, magnetic, hydraulic etc.

The automatic boom barriers can be operated via :

  • RFID Tags
  • Push Button
  • Loop Detectors
  • Remote Control
  • Push Button

We can now see the extensive usage of boom barriers especially electromechanical boom barrier in private and public parks. The type specifically used in these places includes:

  • Electromechanical gate with the encoder.

Key features of electromechanical boom barriers :

  • They come with a 24Vdc gear motor and have 300 W power. This motor can effectively run for longer hours without generating a huge amount of heat making theme run for a longer duration.
  • The electromechanical barriers have the torque up to 250Nm, it opens up at an angle of 90 degrees in just 1.8 seconds which makes it very quick and effective.
  • They highly intelligent, these barriers automatically invert when they come in contact with an obstacle
  • They are highly safe to use
  • Since they can run for a longer time without wear and tear hence, they are easy to maintain and cost-effective too.

Exclusive functions:

  • It immediately closes as soon as the vehicle passes by
  • Similar to traffic signal , boom barriers also comes with signals

A fascinating feature of electromechanical boom barrier is the 24Vdc motor which ensures continuous running of the device without effective its function and operation.  This also makes it perfect to be used in the parking areas where there is a huge flow of traffic every day.

Boom barrier’s application is not merely restricted to parking areas, they can also be used in the following places:

  • Level crossings
  • Drawbridges
  • Checkpoints
  • Entrances to restricted areas.
  • They are also used at toll booths for controlling passage of vehicles
  • At freeways and entrance ramps
  • In cases of emergency when the only entrance of restricted vehicles is allowed, boom barriers can be used.

Our Role:

Houston system has been in the business of manufacturing boom barriers of different types to meet the variegated demands of clients . We have successfully catered to the demands of local and outstation clients and have received unceasing patronage for our outstanding products and its avant-garde quality. We manufacture all types of boom barriers and all are laced with state of the art technology which makes it perfect to manage heavy rush. If you wish to know more about our products for parking management, get in touch with us today.

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