A New Screening Facility Proposed At Statue Of Liberty National Monument

What is the new facility for the visitors?

According to the officials, they say it is needed to screen visitors and provide security to all their stuffs which are not allowed to take with while entering at the monument premises. After the attack of 9/11 the security has been tightened for all the visitors entering the statue and their personal belongings like diaper bags, strollers,backpacks, large purses etc. are not allowed inside. The existing layout for screening limits the number of people who can be screened at any one time. Besides, the main mall is always congested by visitors and during wind events, it causes service outages due to tent moment and vibrations. Thereby a permanent facility is needed to protect the expensive and sensitive equipment and also to improve the visitor experience as well as lowering the maintenance cost.

What is the new proposal project?

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France to the United States in 1886. It is also considered as a symbol of freedom and democracy. This Statue was designated as a national monument in 1924. For its maintenance, The National Park Service has proposed to construct a permanent secondary security screening facility which will be in an area east of the main pedestrian mall aligned with the east wing walk. Several concept designs has been developed which proposes to construct low buildings on both side of main entrance to the statue. The existing screening tent which provides not other than a short time security solution is likely to be replaced. The park authority has asked for feedback from people which they will take in account for consideration of the proposed project.

Pedestrian management is a must for the proposed project

As the project emphasizes to provide security to visitors, a pedestrian management is a must for this. To maintain the long queue, Tripod turnstile Gate can provide the best result. Now tripod turnstile gates comes with excellent design which can provide a level of security to meet any challenging requirements. By the controlled drive mechanism, its three arms can rotate in one or two directions. The mechanism also ensures the rotation hub connected to arms returns to its home position smoothly. Full height turnstile are more efficient in providing security and in pedestrian management than the previous one. These turnstile comes with built in infrared sensors which alerts invalid entry in real-time.

Beside turnstile, Flap barrier can also do the pedestrian management in a very efficient way. In case of long queues, multiple lanes flap barriers with acrylic illuminated wings can be used for bi-directional movement and also flap barrier price is affordable. As at the existing entrance of the monument always remains congested, in case of secondary screening facility it is must to install tripod turnstile and flap barrier gates to counter the overflow of visitors and also to stop the service outages. Even there is another thing needed to control the vehicular access and that is Boom Barrier. It is used widely all over the world to restrict vehicular access through a controlled point.

The news about secondary screening facility at Statue of Liberty National monument

The officials of the Statue of Liberty National monument is asking feedback form people. They want people’s comment on secondary screening facility proposal which they will consider for this project. The main motto of this project is to provide security to expensive and sensitive equipment as well as security to visitors. The project also includes better pedestrian circulation and improvement of important views within the cultural landscape on Liberty Island. The new building would also provide lockers for personal items to viewers.

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