Radar Speed Limit Signs help Drivers Slow Down through work Zone

Road Safety and Speed Awareness

The movable dynamic speed display called ICARE-M allows raising the speed awareness by reducing speeding and drawing attention to the authorized speed limits. The radar speed sign is excessive speed it is displayed in red and speed below the limit in amber.

Different warning messages of 1 or 2 lines can be programmed according to the speed range of the approaching vehicle:





Significant speed reduction:

  • Strong psychological impact towards motorists.
  • Brilliant visibility from long distance: big size of figures and letters
  • Speed Awareness: red display and warning triangle sign XA14 (anti-record function) when drivers don’t respect the speed limit


Real-time display (+- 1km/h) to draw attention to the authorized speed limits

Record traffic statistics (number of vehicles, passing times, average and maximum speeds…) for both traffic directions


Lightweight casing: quick and easy installation, deployment and transported by a single operator

Interchangeable speed limit directly on the radar with an adjuster (no computer required for immediate set-up)

Collects, analyses and generates graphs/reports of traffic statistics


Long lasting materials: polycarbonate face, ABS casing…

Optional antitheft device

Technical feature s


  • Dimensions : 600 (width) x 870 (height) x 140 (depth)
  • Weight : 6kg without batteries
  • Materials : polycarbonate face, ABS casing and stainless steel
  • Water resistant to IP65
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-UV treatments
  • Red and white border with the front message « Your Speed »
  • Antitheft device
  • Display
  • 32.4 cm high speed digits

Large text template: 16 cm high letter for 1 line and 7 cm high letter for 2 lines

Warning triangle sign XA14 as an anti-record function

Stealth mode: collect traffic data while speed display appears blank to motorists

Two-colored display: excessive speed in red, speed below the limit in amber

High quality OSRAM lads

Setting the Speed Limit

When a modified speed limit with driver feedback signs is proposed as a result of a speed study, several factors shall be considered in the process of developing the speed limit recommended.

  • The number of speed limit changes along a route should be minimized and changes,

It should make in significant increments. Radar speed limit signs creates safety for speed zones outside of incorporated cities and villages, speed limit changes should be made in increments of 10 mph, though increments of 5 mph are permissible when justified. Within incorporated cities and villages, an increment of 5 mph should be implemented.

• The proposed speed limit should be set within 5 mph of the observed 85th percentile speed of free-flowing traffic.9 It is widely accepted that speed limits set at unrealistic levels above or below the 85th percentile speed have little impact on a driver’s choice of speed.10 In addition, the lowest risk of being involved in a crash occurs at approximately the 85th percentile speed.11 12 13. It is the limited speed for traffic.

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