How Does A Strong And Efficient Access Control Systems Work?

A strong and efficient Access control Systems are designed to protect the organization from wrong access/illegal entry. The authorization given by the management may be explicit, that means a door lock with management may need authorized person to have a key; or it can be implicit, like a description of job that confirms need to access reports and confidential documents.

Some of the more common access control techniques are –

Locks on Door Cipher Locks

Also known as combination door locks, it consists of push button panel that is mounted near the door outside of a protected area. There exist ten numbered buttons on the panel. To enter, a person presses a four-digit sequence number and that door will unlock for a predetermined period of time, usually 10 to 30 sec. More expensive and sophisticated cipher locks can be computer sodded with a person’s handprint. A matching handprint unlocks the door.

Electronic door lock

A magnetic chip-based or embedded plastic card key or a token anbeentered in a sensor reader to get access in these types of systems. The sensor device upon reading the special code activates the door locking mechanism.

Advantages of electronic door lock over bolting and combinational lock are mentioned below

  • Through the special internal code, cards can be made to identify the correct person.
  • Restrictions can be assigned to particular hours or top articular doors of the day.
  • Degree of duplication will be reduced.

Biometric Door Lock

These locks are extremely secure where an person’s unique body features, such as voice, retina, fingerprint or signature, activate such locks.

Personal identification number (PIN)

A secret number will be assigned to the person, as a means of identifying them and servers to verify the authenticity of the person.

Plastic Cards

These cards are used for identification purpose. Controls over cards seek to ensure that customers safeguard their card so it does not fall in wrong hands.

Cryptographic control

Cryptography deals with transformation of data in codes that are meaningless to anyone who may not possess that system to recover initial data. Only a crypt analyst can do the transaction.

Identification Badges

Special badges for identification can be issued to some personnel as well as visitors. For easy identification purpose their color of the badge can be changed.

 Electronic logging

This feature is a combination of electronic and biometric security systems. The logging of users can be checked and number of attempts that are unsuccessful can be highlighted.

Other modes of controlling Access

Security Guards

Extra security can be provided by appointing guard. Guards that are supplied by any external agency must be made to sign a contract to protect an organizations from any type of loss.

 Controlled single entry point

A controlled single entry point is monitored by a receptionist. Multiple entry point increases the chances of wrong entry.

Alarm system

Linking alarm system to inactive entry point, motion detector, reverse flows of enters or exits only door can be used to avoid illegal entry.

Perimeter Fencing

Control of out of hours of employees. Employees who are out of office for a longer period of time should be monitored carefully.

Tripod Turnstile Gates are quite simple, efficient, and cost-effective crowd-organizing entry checkpoint program. Tripod turnstile is a three-armed spinning protection checkpoint. Tripod Turnstiles are used wherever the managed entry and quit of audience is required.Among all turnstiles, the tripod turnstile is tried and real, efficient turnstile, and has been around for many years.

The function of tripod turnstiles is straightforward and realistic

The main operating aspect, which gives Tripod Turnstile its name, is the three angular hands you must convert while strolling through the checkpoint. As you strategy the Tripod Turnstile, you must force the top arm to shift through. The ‘axle’ of these three hands is set at a 45% place to the ground, so that the top tripod arm is at a horizontally stage and the two reduced hands are nestled out of the way of your feet.

The three hands of Tripod Turnstile are spread with enough space to allow someone to walk-through. In Tripod Turnstile three varieties of hands has became commonly used due to its ideal spacing; with two hands, lots of individuals can go through, and with four hands the area is too little for even someone to walk-through without a little press.

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