Tripod Turnstiles Are Safe Enough For High-Security Defense And Research

Management of traffic is the biggest problem which none of us can deny and with increasing inclination on security and safety, we have many tools and devices working together to ensure the complete safety. One such development in this field is the tripod turnstile. These mini automated gates can be found everywhere and because of their efficiency and effectiveness, they have become a popular device which can be seen in many places.

Tripod turnstiles are basically metallic rods placed at an angle, their functioning is coordinated with the entrance software which makes use of tickets, biometric reading etc. Houston System is a renowned name when it comes to manufacturing security devices and tripod turnstile is their successful product. The company manufactures various types of it, here are some of the popular ones:-

Waist-high-  These turnstiles are till waist length and are mostly used in fairs and arena where there is a huge footfall. They are also popularly known as a half-height turnstile. The only drawback of this type of turnstile is its height, being mid-height, it’s easy for a person to jump and pass through. Optical Turnstiles – These turnstiles have emerged as a popular option in place of the waits length, these work on infrared beam.

Drop arm optical Turnstile – This is a mix of both waist length and optical turnstile. Being an amalgamation of both it’s much more safe and secure.

Full-height turnstiles –The height of this turnstile can go up to 7 feet and looks more like a revolving door. It is also known as high-wheel or iron maiden turnstile. The is the larger version and the height may range up to 7 feet or 2.1 meter which is very similar to the height of the revolving door which you would have commonly seen around. This turnstile cuts the disadvantage of waist length turnstile. It is also sometimes called as iron maiden or high-wheel.

Houston System relies on the most advanced technologies for the development of its products. Tripod turnstiles are being improved by adding new accessories which will make it even more efficient and intelligent. This will also help in ensuring minimal manual interference.

Tripod turnstile one of the most preferred security instrument and being cost-effective makes it even more popular. Since most of the turnstiles work on biometric reading, remote control, coins, sensors like infrared.

The functioning of tripod turnstile is not merely restricted to security, rather in high traffic areas like the airport, railway station, courts, colleges etc. , these are used for streamlining the traffic and ensuring the restriction of unauthorized entry into the premises.

Houston Systems has created a revolution in the market of security devices and they are now improvising the traditional tripod turnstiles and trying to add more features to it. The emphasis is on creating a more intelligent system of security such that there is no scope of flaws or errors and at the same time it offers most effective control over the security.

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