Variable message signs: A new sign of traffic solutions

Traffic management is a big concern in many nations; increasing number of vehicles on the road and managing the seamless flow of this traffic seems to be the biggest problem. However, with the advent of technology, we now have tools and devices which have simplified this.

The inclusion of technology in traffic management gave rise to the concept of ITM or Intelligent Traffic Management System. It is not software rather it’s an amalgamation of many tools and devices, along with software which works in sync to assist the manual traffic management process.

When we talk about the Intelligent Traffic Management System then one of then how can we miss the VMS or Variable messaging Signs. These digital signages have long been used but with the new technology, it has become more diversified and multi-functional.

The sole objective of traffic management is to check if the traffic is moving smoothly and at the same time there is minimal time wastage in the traffic. This is only possible f the driver is pre-informed about the status of the traffic and other conditions which directly or indirectly affecting the traffic.

Variable Message Signs are a great way to do it. They are large digital boards illuminated with LED lights and are visible from a long distance. VMS or Variable Messaging Signs are popular by various names like Dynamic Messaging Signs, Changeable Messaging Signs or Matrix Sign.

Application of VMS:

Well, as mentioned above VMS or Variable Message Signs primary objective is to inform the driver about the traffic and road conditions, however, with the changing times, the VMSs have also changed and now they find myriads of application. Here is the various applications of VMS:

  • It intimates driver about traffic congestion, road works, alternate route, weather condition, time, date, speed limit etc. It can also be used as parking guidance system
  • It also informs about the exit ramp closures
  • At the construction site where heavy vehicles and trucks are at work, it can be used to inform about speed etc.
  • Travel time
  • Pavement failure alerts

All-in-all the modern day traffic management will be incomplete without the aid of this device. They are compact, comprehensive way to manage the traffic without much effort and error. With the assistance of real-time information system, the VMS have become even more sophisticated and multi0fucntional.

 Types of Variable Messaging Signs-

When it comes to diversification then VMS can be f various tyres, here is the list of different types of VMSs available in the market:

  • Permanent or Stationary VMS– These are usually placed at a particular place and the information is changed mechanically or electromechanically. They are used to display information like weather conditions, road conditions, traffic congestion etc.
  • Portable VMS– These are the most versatile ones, being portable they can be easily moved from one place to another.
  • Truck mounted VMS- These are also called as movable signs which are usually mounted at the rear of the truck.

Key features of Metric Signs or VMS’s installed:

There are various features which make Variable Messaging Signs such an innovative and useful device, some of the key features of VMS includes:

  • They are available in different colour combination like single colour, two colour and multicolour display
  • They have weather-proof coating making them resistance to severe weather conditions
  • They can handle large amount of data
  • They are made up of strong and sturdy metal making them vandal free and less prone to damage.
  • They are highly energy-efficient and now we also have solar-powered VMS easily available.

All these features make VMS a great product and a key part of Intelligent Traffic Management. The crux of the matter is that VMS are the best way to solve the rising issue of traffic congestion and bottlenecks.

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Safe Driving With Variable Message Sign Solution In Real Traffic Condition

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