The Footpath Width Needs To Be Adjusted With Bollard

When you are reading about something it’s necessary to know what you are reading about. So, first of all let’s talk about ‘What is bollard ?’, A bollard is a short post designed to guide traffic and protect from vehicle intrusion, Many bollards also contribute decorative elements to complement building and landscape designs. Bollards create visual barriers for drivers as well.

Now, is it important to have automatic bollards or any-type of bollard with the footpath width? Yes, it is!, India is a growing country and it’s obvious that people will want more hi-tech things in their city. There are many types of bollards, Maritime bollards, Illuminated bollards, Bell bollards, removable bollards, flexible bollards, racing bollards, Protective bollards and traffic bollards.

 Here what we need are traffic bollards as these days there are lots of vehicles running on the road and we are having footpath on the roadside as well, when there is a traffic jam or a vehicle wants to overtake other he does it easily because no bollard is there on the footpath width, and if we want our city to become smart, we also have to become smart and we can!, There are various types of bollards according to our need such as-

  • Automatic Bollards
  • Rising Bollards
  • Hydraulic Bollards
  • Hydraulic Rising Bollards
  • Automatic Hydraulic Bollards

These kinds of bollards are available at an affordable price. There are bollards shields available in the market as well, these shield bollards are very advanced and can be used for many purposes, Like If you are on a footpath of Bangalore you may lose your driving license, and the police there has already recommended 3,800 license cancellation for various traffic offenses, Such bollards shields can be adjusted on the footpath width and can help us in many ways.

Keeping a control on traffic, keeping the footpath clean, No-one will get hurt as many innocent people have already got hurt because of people driving on footpaths.

These shield bollards can be much effective in a city with growing traffic like Bangalore-

  • Shield Series of Traffic Bollard
  • Super Shield Series
  • Shield SA Series

The Problem: Footpath Design

The core of this problem lies in footpaths themselves. In our cities where traffic keeps increasing the footpaths are actually not designed to prevent traffic as strictly as they should. Therefore, if they’ve to be made useful for pedestrians, changes need to be done in them.

The Solution: Increasing Footpath Width and Installing Bollards

The solution to this problem is two-fold: increasing footpath widths and installing bollards. Though there’ve been many cases in which bollards installed by the government were damaged by the vehicle owners, if installed rightly they can become a very effective way of preventing traffic to come on footpaths. Modern automatic rising bollards come with a variety of functions and types to ensure the safety of area around which they’re installed, which makes them ideal for tackling this menace.

Once this prerequisite has been completed one can choose the types of bollards to install. Modern automatic hydraulic bollards come with a hydraulic unit made of a pump and piston that helps in their smooth operation. Some example models include:

  • Houston System Shield Series of Traffic Bollard: This is an automatic hydraulic retractable bollard with in-built safety pressure switch for added protection.
  • Houston System Super Shield Series: A rising bollard with high strength and 12mm thick solid steel construction for high resistance.
  • Houston System Shield SA Series: A semi-automatic traffic bollard with hydraulic mechanism and manual release key.

Any of these hydraulic bollards can be chosen depending on the location and use case. But remember the prerequisite of adjusting footpath width and rest will be fine.

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