Intelligent Parking System for Car Parking Guidance

The knowledge of car parking is as important as the knowledge of driving a car. You need to be very careful while going to park your car in a place where already many other vehicles are standing. It is not possible that you can park your cars anywhere without any alignment. It will cause the collapse in whole parking system and also may leads to the damage of car. Mostly it is seen in newly trained drivers that they can drive the car but don’t know how to park it safely. That is why intelligent parking system (IPS) has invented.

It provides an ultimate guidance for the parking of your car with its two main functions which are:-

  • Car parking guidance
  • Car damage notification.

Car parking guidance

In the guidance section of car parking, it is defined that how to park your vehicle safely within minimum space present in the surroundings.   While parking the car, driver is alerted by visuals shown on LCD and sound signals of sensors. The intelligent parking system provides complete graphical assistance by showing the path images and area needed for parking safely.

Car damage notification

The car cameras and shock sensors placed in both front and rear side of car monitors the threats that can damage the car. They are also capable of recording the damage occurred while nobody is in the car.

Challenges of the Proposed Smart Parking Systems

There is no doubt that this intelligent parking guidance system will be helpful in many ways while parking your car in a congested space. But still it is facing many challenges on ground reality which are described below:-

  • Variety of hardware configurations

There are numerous companies in the market who are providing parking guidance solutions to cars. The main problem is their scaling method of threat which is different from each other. The collision sensor of one car may show danger while other shows normal circumstances. It could finally lead to the occurrence of accident.

  • Cost factor

Currently lots of companies are providing their hardware and software for vehicle safety but it is a new technology so most of the car owners cannot afford it. This is a great challenge for governments to specify a single measurement standard at affordable cost.

  • Knowledge about usage

As it is clear that this is a whole new technology, so the knowledge of its usage can also be a big issue. Most of the drivers are depends upon their gut feeling and experience while parking their vehicle. So this modern technology ma creates a contradiction between human mind and electronic sensors.

APMS solution in intelligent Parking System

The advanced car parking management solution is very helpful in overcrowded areas where parking the vehicle safely is a biggest challenge. It can be helpful through many ways such as:-

  • It improves the satisfaction of people who park cars in parking area as well as the cases of illegal parking will also decrease.
  • It is a great solution of parking at airports where irregular parking cause major threats such as blockage of fire lanes and congestion in traffic.

This parking management system helps to regulate the delay in departure of vehicles from parking area by providing appropriate information regarding entrance and exit.

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